The student learning experience explained

Student learning experience
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The student learning experience is a powerful tool that can help students understand the different parts that contribute to their time spent while studying, thereby assisting them to start commenting on the quality of that experience. It involves everything related to the process of how students learn and how they are taught, as explained by the diagram on the left.

The student learning experience can be used in a range of ways:
  • To train student representatives.
  • To discuss items on the agenda for student or student-staff meetings.
  • As tools for representatives to go and speak to other students about their experiences.
  • For focus groups to gather student views as inputs into formal review processes.

The student learning experience and related questions and activities were developed by sparqs as part of their programme of training for course reps in Scotland. It forms the basis of a range of activities with student reps in Scotland’s colleges and universities—contained in the sparqs Introductory Course Rep Training Handbook.