Student engagement

Students are integral to quality assurance and enhancement. They are the only ones who are doing their courses day in, day out; completing assessments, attending classes, using the learning resources, etc.

The term student engagement is a contested one and means many different things to many different people. To try and understand the term better, sparqs, a Scottish student engagement development agency conducted some research and produced a Student Engagement Framework for Scotland.

It broke down the term into five different elements and produced 6 features of effective engagement.

The five elements are:
1. Students feeling part of a supportive institution.
2. Students engaging in their own learning.
3. Students working with their institution in shaping the direction of learning.
4. Formal mechanisms for quality and governance.
5. Influencing the student experience at national level.

The six features are:
• Focus on enhancement and change.
• Students as partners.
• Responding to diversity
• Valuing the student contribution.
• Appropriate resources and support.
• A culture of engagement.

To find out more about the framework click here(external link).