Quality assurance reviews

Discussions on what quality in higher education is, how we measure it, and how we can assure it, began before the Bologna Process. Since 1980, the quality of higher education has become one of the most important debate topics, both in the institutional and national political agendas in Europe. At the same time, quality assurance as a Bologna Process action line has received increasing importance during the last decade, and more focused discussions have been taking place in the last five years.

This section and its subsections look into the various initiatives there are in quality assurance from students' perspectives.

Student involvement explained
This webpage looks into the development of student involvement in quality assurance over the past decade and how countries across Europe have involved students in those activities.

National mechanisms
It became clear during the QUEST project that European countries involve students in many different ways in quality assurance and to a different extent. Whereas some countries operate student experts' pools, others do not.

European processes
This part looks into the European initiatives that have been taken in the field of quality assurance of higher education, especially those where students are involved like in the Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP), an independent organ of the European University Association (EUA).

QA partner organisations
Several European and international organisations have taken an active role in quality assurance and have cooperated with students, especially the European Students' Union, in that regard.