QA Student Experts

Student participation in quality assurance has increased since the beginning of the Bologna Process, but especially since the adoption of the ESG in 2005. However there is still considerable room for improvement, because of the fact that formal student involvement within the structures does not always mean a genuine and active student participation in quality assurance. There are big differences regarding student involvement in some countries of the EHEA. A recently developed or still undeveloped quality assurance system in those countries is one of the possible causes, but not the only one. Another possible issue is how student involvement is outlined in the ESG; which is not defined very explicitly and consistently, both as a principle and within standards.

Some of the barriers highlighted from the students’ point of view show problems not only in involving students, but also in empowering quality assurance to lead for real improvement.

The Quest for Quality for Students project (QUEST) aims to change this by introducing a student-based concept for the quality of higher education and to identify ways in which students can become increasingly involved in these processes.

Students Experts' Pool on Quality Assurance
One of the initiatives that have been taken in this regard, is to establish a pool of students that receive the necessary training and are able to participate fully in these provisions. The pool was founded by the European Students' Union in 2009 and is an integral part in its quality assurance activities.

Steering Committee
The work of the Students' Experts Pool is supported by a group of five individuals who are selected on a yearly basis. Two of them are members of ESU's Executive Committee and three are members of the Students' Experts Pool.

Quality assurance reviews
It is important that students get to know and participate in provisions that can affect the quality of their education. This section contains more detailed information on different initatives and the development of student involvement across Europe.