Preparing for meetings

This exercise can be done individually or in groups. Consider the different things you would need to have in mind before, during and after meetings.

Find out where and when the meeting is going to take place.Always be on time, if you are going to be late let the Chair/Secretary know before the meeting.Report back to your classmates.
Consult with students about the opinions they have of their learning experience.Take a pen and paper for notes.Check the minutes.
Is there anything you want to put on the agenda? Get in touch with the Chair/Secretary.Sit where the Chair can see you and raise your hand to indicate you want to contribute.Do anything you have been asked to do.
Read any of the papers that have been sent around.Remember the A, B, C and D of effective feedback.Follow up any areas of concern.
Run your solution past those that attend the meeting.Ask questions if you do not understand anything.Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve? If not, what are you going to do about it?
Speak to other student reps or reviewers.Support other student reps or reviewers.