Pool of Trainers 2016

List of Trainers(external link)

The capacities of our NUS members differ a lot and ESU acknowledges how important it is to facilitate the transfer and exchange of experience, knowledge and good practice amongst our NUS members.

Thus, we encourage all our members to make use of ESU's New Pool of Trainers. Besides the provision of training events, the trainers will also be able to deliver consultancy services and provide a wide range of advice to members, based on their experience.

We have aimed to recruit individuals to the Trainers Pool that have proven experience of the student movement as a whole, activists who have a number of years’ experience in organising with students. ESU recognises the need for capacity building and as such the services of members of the Trainers Pool will be offered free of charge, however we do ask that the cost of travel and accommodation be covered by the NUS who wishes to use their services.

How to use it?

Whenever your NUS detects a problem within your organisation and wishes to solve it by using ESU’s Pool of Trainers, please contact Filip Prihoda (filip.prihoda@esu-online.org ).Filip will match up the skills of a member of the pool to the situation you are discussing and make a recommendation to you concerning the most appropriate pool member. Your NUS can also ask for the services of the Trainers Pool for any workshops you may be providing on various topics. To make sure that the members of the pool will be able to help please can you inform ESU (through Filip) at least 20 days in advance of the event, this will help to give adequate notice and also will help to reduce travel costs.

Workshops proposals:
EU fundraisingBudget and FinancingEmployability and informal learning
CommunicationLobbying PR and social mediaLeadership Creativity
Student engagement Knowledge transfer Volunteerism
Life-work balance Coaching Teambuilding
Strategic planning Organisation structure (and culture) Project management
Facilitation Teamwork Public speaking Group dynamics
Lobbying and advocacy Motivation Intercultural dialogue

List of Trainers(external link)