This section contains useful information on topics related to the quality assurance of higher education or the Quest for Quality for Students project (QUEST), such as publications, training materials, articles and a glossary.

Quest publications
This section contains the research publications that have been released as part of the QUEST project, including the Student Handbook on Quality Assurance(external link).

In this section you can find links to useful articles that have been published on the QUEST project or quality assurance in general.

Here you can find a set of resources that have been used as references in the QUEST research.

Training materials
This section can be useful for student representatives and others that want to empower or participate in debates and discussions on quality assurance of higher education.

Here is a a list of useful terms and acronyms used in quality assurance activities.

Useful links
This section contains links to useful websites, such as institutions and media that specialise in higher education.