For Institutions

Students are still not involved in quality assurance in many countries and in others at various levels, like the Quest for Quality for Students (QUEST) research project has revealed. The European Standards and Guidelines and the European Quality Assurance Register (EQAR) have had a positive impact ensuring the participation of students, but despite the advancement that could be seen in the Bologna With Student Eyes(external link) publications there is still considerable room for improvement, both at a national and institutional level. On the other hand, even if this student involvement is in place formally, it does not necessarily mean that there is active and genuine student involvement, as pointed out again in Bologna At the Finish Line(external link).

Sometimes students still face certain barriers even if they are considered one of the key factors that promote quality culture and although there are many benefits that arise from the involvement of students in quality assurance.

There is a close relationship between the countries with little involvement of students at internal level and the perception towards students from the rest of the academic community, such as in southern European countries where students are still not fully recognised as full members of the community.

In the QUEST survey, several National Unions of Students (NUSes) pointed out that the recent development or altogether lack of development of quality assurance systems, either internal, external, or even both, is one of the main reasons why students are not involved in quality assurance.