Below are articles published by the media on the QUEST project:

- Involving students in quality assurance (University World News, 14 February 2014)(external link)
- Alunos deverão ter papel principal na avaliação dos cursos superiors (Publico, 14 October 2013)(external link)
- Housing costs leave Norway's students in search for part time work (Research Europe, 26 September 2013, page 17)(external link)
- How do students view quality in higher education? Results from a new survey by ESU (Hedda, 18 September 2013)(external link)
- Quest for Quality for Students (Independent Malta, 30 November 2012)(external link)

Below are press articles that ESU has published on the QUEST project

- Europe must act to safeguard high quality education (31 January 2014)(external link)
- Quality assurance should promote change and drive it forward (31 October 2013)(external link)
- Students can affect the quality of their education (31 October 2013)(external link)
- A new survey unveils students' perspectives on the quality of their education (9 September 2013)(external link)
- The recruitment process of quality assurance experts opens soon - (29 July 2013)(external link)
- ESU's Activity Report for 2012 has been published - (30 July 2013)(external link)
- Students included in ENQA's review panels (30 May 2013)(external link)
- Role of students in quality assurance highlighted at a successful seminar - (20 December 2012)(external link)
- ESU's projects: Concluding 2012 and continuing in 2013 - (20 December 2012)(external link)
- Quality and trust: At the heart of what ESU does - (28 November 2012)(external link)
- QUEST participants exchange views on a quality concept for education - (28 November 2012)(external link)
- Third QUEST workshop takes place in Bucharest - (16 July 2012)(external link)
- European standards for quality assurance to be revised - (31 January 2012)(external link)
- QUEST Workshop 2 empowers students to work on quality - (27 February 2012)(external link)
- “No coherent mechanism to identify student view on quality assurance” - (24 August 2011)(external link)
- New Executive Committee takes office 1 July - (1 July 2011)(external link)
- "European higher education in need of transparency" - (28 April 2011)(external link)
- ESU targets lack of student involvement with quality assurance project 'QUEST' - (27 January 2011)(external link)