Once a year, the Steering Committee organises a call for new members of ESU's Student Experts Pool on Quality Assurance (QA Pool). Those who are interested in becoming members of the QA Pool are invited to send in their applications.

ESU's Executive Committee selects applicants based on a pre-defined criteria. National unions of students are also invited to nominate their candidates for the QA Pool, who are given priority.

It varies from one year to the other how many applicants are recruited, based on the needs of the QA Pool.

Selection criteria

ESU aims at ensuring an adequate balance of participants in the pool by country and region in Europe and by gender and study field, level of study and type of higher education.

All students regardless of their past or current status in the pool are required to fill in the application form.

Criteria for selection:
• Registered student OR recent graduate (within 2 years) OR active in student movement
• Experience in student representation
• Excellent command of English, any other languages considered as advantage;

Looked upon favourably:
• Nomination of national union of students
• Previous experience in various levels of quality assurance in higher education

Previous calls for QA pool members

Applications in 2014